Cleaning has a significant impact on one’s mood.


I want to write on a theme that occurred to me out of the blue.

Humans experience different moods every day. There are times when they wake up feeling refreshed, and there are times when their minds are clouded with work as soon as they wake up. They may also be filled with motivation at times.

Just an hour ago, they may have felt so down, but now they might be thinking, “It’ll be alright.”

Especially for women, emotions tend to change easily.

I, too, have been pondering on how to maintain this “good mood.”

That’s when I realized that cleaning might be a way to control it.

One day in January, after the New Year, I noticed that I had been in a very refreshing state of mind. I vacuumed in the morning, finished the remaining dishes, and made the sink sparkling clean. I even greeted my family properly in the morning, and even the child who usually doesn’t greet responded with a cheerful “good morning.”

That day, I was able to spend the entire day in a pleasant mood.

The next day, after a change of circumstances, I checked work emails as soon as I woke up. I started the day in a mode of “I have to work.” Without taking time for morning drinks, I left a few dishes in the sink and headed straight to the computer.

For some reason, the mood wasn’t refreshing.

How could I return to the refreshing morning feeling from yesterday? Although I don’t usually come up with such ideas, I thought about it at that moment.

What did I do yesterday morning that I didn’t do this morning?

Yesterday morning, I did yoga stretches and cleaned the living space. I didn’t do either this morning.

First, I vacuumed.

The garbage on the floor disappeared one by one.

A very good feeling.

I wiped the table clean and cleaned the sink.

I was enveloped in an even better mood.

This is it!

Furthermore, I analyzed why I feel so good while cleaning.

When cleaning:

  1. You become empty.
  2. Depressing thoughts, unpleasant things, and worries disappear.
  3. The garbage in front of you disappears one by one.
  4. The situation changes rapidly (the results of what you’ve done are visible) → Sense of achievement.

I see, the reason why cleaning makes you feel good is that the results of what you’ve done become immediately apparent.

This time, I came to the conclusion that cleaning is a simple, free, and easy way to change your mood.

Everyone, when you feel irritated, try cleaning, even if you think it’s a trick. If you just clean at first, the garbage in front of you will be removed, and a refreshing feeling will well up within you.