Collavoz Co., Ltd.

Takeshi Egawa (Representative Director)

When I decided to renew my website after five years, I was in search of a web design company. The first time, I just wanted a website. The second time, I was looking for a stylish and attractive website. And the third time, I was seeking a partner in the field of internet marketing who could provide strategies and advice for responsive inquiries.

I remembered meeting Watson Rie from Clickmark at a year-end party two years ago. She specializes in digital marketing and creates websites, and her husband, being British, had attended a business computer university. I reached out to her, and she attentively listened to my request for highlighting unique features in video production and demonstrating differentiation from other companies. Her solid proposals convinced me to entrust her with the renewal.

I am very satisfied with the detailed consideration and suggestions that come uniquely from a woman’s perspective. Furthermore, I appreciate the scheduled follow-ups conducted after the production, which gives me peace of mind.

If you are considering a website renewal, I highly recommend consulting with them at least once.